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Precision planetary reducer is widely used in precision machinery manufacturing equipment, CNC equipment, military systems, etc.

Classification of reducer structure
1. worm gear reducer;
2. harmonic reducer;
3. gearreducer;
4. planetary reducer;
Here's a brief overview of the precision planetary reducer:
According to the output direction, there are two main types: straight and right;

to the general series has three kinds: the first reduction (usually less than 10:1), two

speed (typically greater than 10:1 and less than or equal to 200:1), three speed (some

brands is not third, the maximum reduction ratio to 100:1, the general principle of

division is more than 100:1), but the micro planetary reducer can reach five the maximum

reduction ratio, do 4592:1;
Divided by use: military and civilian;
According to the operating

environment: standard environment, low temperature environment, clean room environment and

vacuum environment;
According to the accuracy: standard precision and high precision and ultra precision level;
By origin: domestic, import, domestic assembly;Wait。

Widely used in precision machinery manufacturing equipment, CNC equipment, military systems and so on.
Almost all planetary reducers are the combination of three planetary gears and a solar wheel.
A variety of applications, resulting in the choice of different products, choose that

brand and products, mainly to see the actual application.