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Noise reduction of speed reducer

The noise of reducer mainly comes from the friction, vibration and collision of

transmission gear. How to reduce and reduce noise effectively and make it more accord with

environmental protection requirements is also a key research topic both at home and abroad.

Reducing gear transmission noise reducer operation has become an important research topic

in the industry, many scholars at home and abroad are the change of meshing stiffness of

gear transmission gear as main factors of load, vibration and noise. The method of shaping

is used to minimize the fluctuation of dynamic load and velocity so as to reduce noise.

This method is proved to be an effective method in practice. But in this way, the process

requires modification equipment, Guang Dazhong and small factories are often unable to

After years of research, put forward through the optimization of gear parameters,

such as displacement coefficient, tooth height coefficient, pressure angle, center

distance, the meshing impact velocity to the minimum meshing impact velocity and meshing

impact velocity ratio in a certain range of values, reduce or avoid the impact of the

design method of gear meshing pitch. It can reduce the noise of gear reducer. For the noise

reducer, can Mitre super sealant or lubricant, it is an excellent additive gear box, can

form an inert material film on the components, thereby reducing friction, gear noise and