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Changzhou NANPENG (SAE bor Machinery Co. Ltd.)

DESBOER (Japan) is headquartered in Kyoto, Japan, Sichuan - Japan, Beijing Yi corporation.

The company is mainly engaged in DESBOER high-precision planetary reducer research and

development, production and sales, to provide customers with one-stop perfect coordination

of product services and experience. DESBOER has always attached great importance to the

applicability and reliability of the product, the implementation of strict quality control.

In order to meet the more and more severe production demand, the company has the spirit of

continuous innovation and R & D to create high quality, high efficiency, high cost

performance and precision planetary reducer suitable for different working conditions.

order to quickly provide customers the best quality service, shorten product delivery,

especially China to cater to the market demand, the company in 2014, set up in Changzhou

(DESBOER Chinese China) - Changzhou South Peng Machinery Co. ltd.. In order to quickly put

into production, the headquarters of investment in Japan and Germany's top processing

equipment and sent with years of experience in training of staff to guide the work of the

DESBOER (China) - Changzhou South (SAE BOR) Peng Machinery Co. Ltd. has a complete

production line assembly standard and quality assurance system in the shortest time.
Now, a

new generation of low backlash planetary reducer in the research and development of DESBOER

series of products with high precision, high torsional stiffness, high reliability, low

noise, long life, maintenance free, is widely used in robot technology, mechanical arm,

machine tools and manufacturing systems, food and packaging equipment, printing machinery

and the automatic production line etc.. In order to meet the growing demand of the Asian

market and better serve our customers, the management of the company has begun to follow

the principles of localization. In the industrial automation program research and

development concept, system architecture and service concept, DESBOER has gained wide

recognition from the industry, and is very grateful to customers from all walks of life in

Asia for support and trust.